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Comment: Most valuable thing I learned from the internet

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Most valuable thing I learned from the internet

Way back when I first discovered my "libertarian" streak, I watched Michael Badnarek's Constitution Class on You Tube. I learned more about rights, gov't etc. from that than I did in all of my schooling, including college. It is several hours long, but taken in 30-60 minute segments, it could be the most valuable education you give them. Lively discussions will ensue. I plan to have my 13-year-old watch it soon.

I also love Peter Schiff's book "How An Ecnonomy Grows and Why It Crashes." Anyone from adolescent through adult will learn a lot in a short amount of time. The lessons are given through a "fictional" story, but real-life parallels are easy to identify. My kids read that with me when they were 11 and 13, and they mostly got it. My son still talks about it, and I use examples from that book to educate my friends on economic topics.

Good luck!