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Not all Professors are flakes. For the most part the older ones are not. They had to grow up and study without the web and Starbucks. Ah yes the typewriter and walking to the library but eating non-gmo foods.

The younger ones either don't know any better or are yes people.

The younger ones are more appealing to administration imo because they ask fewer questions to get rank and will teach according to directions.

The professors that I had forget that it is not high school and these are paying customers out there. If the school is paying, that is one thing but they are not. Profs customer service skills are very weak at times. The colleges/universities are corporations afterall. I have seen students been treated very poorly in order for the professor to establish authority. If a student was being disruptive he should asked to leave and not have some insults hurled at him or her. Heck one Prof even asked me to step outside with him during class. Thus did not seem a flake but probably wanted to impress the female students :P

It just seems the younger ones have little common sense from my experiences and have a hard time being serious because they want to fit in and try so hard to be 'cool' and seek out keeners. It is like a boss that seeks to be part of the employee group...but this is not a productive reality. I think many professors will not end up well when the layoffs start to hit in considerable numbers down the road imo.

I think the better professors finish school and work outside for a year or two and then come back to lecture.

I may not have an understanding with many of the more mature ones but at least we had a greater degree of mutual respect.