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For your reading enjoyment

Snakepit, while I have never reviled you for disagreeing with any of the "conspiracy" theory stuff, one thing I would suggest is doing some further reading. If you haven't read the following:

Shadows of Power, published by the JBS

Creature from Jekyll Island, from G. Edward Griffin

The Naked Communist, Cleon Skousen
(no link, scan amazon)

The Naked Capitalist, which is a "critique" of Carol Quigley's revealing "Tragedy & Hope", also Cleon Skousen

If you haven't read all of these books, you owe it to yourself to do so. Seriously. And I'm not talking tinfoil hat stuff here, I'm talking well-thought, well-researched, non-fiction here.

Is there a conspiracy around every corner? No.
But one must familiarize one's self with verifiable conspiracies in order to a) not be fooled again b) weed out and train yourself to avoid "outlandish" theories. And yes, there are insane, whacky theories out there that even I reject.