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Comment: You missed the point.

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You missed the point.

Have your system. Have your government. You are very aggressive. Why force every man, women, and child to live in your imaginary aggressive power structure? I am a free individual. I did not sign up for your imaginary system of forceful authority. Your entire system is immoral in my view. Why do you want to force me to participate? There is not one square inch of the earth that you busybodies do not want control of. You should rename yourself 'IamTyrannyReigning'. With folks like you around, who needs a tyrannical dictator? You are one.

Can I opt out in a tree?
I would do it to be free.
Can I opt out in a car?
Not afraid of feathers and tar.
Can I opt out in my house?
I'll be as quite as a mouse.
Can I opt out over here?
Can I opt out over there?
Can I opt out any ol' where?
Can I opt out of your wars?
Paying for them, of course.
Can I just have a couple acres?
Yes? No? Do I have any takers?
I would just like to be free,
To eat, work, to play and pee.
So I can live my life morally.
Oh how I long to be free.