Comment: Common misconceptions about anarchists/voluntaryists

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Common misconceptions about anarchists/voluntaryists

It's not that they want to end government, they merely want to SECEDE from government. There is no reason why a group of peaceful people who wish to form a completely voluntary society shouldn't be allowed to leave the statist society that enslaves people.

A true Non-agressive anarchist understands that complete liberty means complete responsibility for your actions, and it doesn't work without the golden rule.

Please stop portraying all anarchists with the same brush. A better term to use in this forum is Voluntaryist. The violent anarchists which you refer to are typically on more socialistic sites, not here and do not truly understand true liberty or the NAP.

A voluntaryist believes in the right to life, liberty and property and is a SELF-governer -- the ultimate minarchist.


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine