Comment: 2013 Silver Shortage is here

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2013 Silver Shortage is here

About time. I posted about this coming last week here on DP, but everyone ignored me.

Rough Predictions are physical silver will run up to $150 an ounce before the next price crash. Then when the Super Shortage hits in 12-18 months (2014), it goes through the roof. COMEX, the phony paper silver market "official" spot price will probably go no higher than 40. Pay no attention to that scam. It's a dying market.

From what I've seen right now 90% silver coins are trading for a good premium (34-37 dollars) over the "official" price of 31.81 already on eBay. If the shortage continues, and it should, this spread will widen.

For God's sake, if you have to sell, don't sell your silver eagles or silver to APMEX or a coin dealer. They will only give you spot prices. Sell on eBay or privately to get the best premium.

Stack and hold physical. Avoid all paper claims to silver, they are scams. Wait until the physical silver price is so high your eyeballs will pop out of your head. That's the best advice.

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