Comment: My fearless leader already

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My fearless leader already

My fearless leader already appeared, and it was Ron Paul.

Im sorry I don't worship your fucking god. I guess that must mean im just like a nazi brownshirt. Kindly go fuck yourself. If every athiest is like a communist, than every christian is like a zealot straight out of the spanish inquisition, burning any woman who appears to have intellect as a witch.

Not only was that one of the stupidest claims ive heard on these forums directed at any "outsider from the faith" by another religeous bigot, but you didn't even use proper reasoning.

You make the assumption that brown shirts aren't religeous. Thats why you fail. They WERE religeous. All collectivists have faith-based minds. They simply worship the state in place of where you stick a diety. That is the ONLY differance.

I worship neither state or diety. I do not subscribe to collectivism, cosmic or otherwise. Im an individualist after the teachings of Bastiat and John Locke. Im also an objectivist in the spirit of Rand. I don't need nor want your ridiculous and comical fairytales. Your BS creation myth is not responsable for the liberty movement. Your plagerized sun god did not become a delegate nor take over his local GOP for me, nor did he do anything else other than to act as a mental opiate for those who can't function without.

Im glad you take strength from it. I hope it makes you happy. Don't try to claim that without faith in the Flying Spagetti Monster, im going to turn into a collectivist. Im not the one who displays an aptitude for believing in impossible things.