Comment: Yes, they do. If you purchase certain types of magazines

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Yes, they do. If you purchase certain types of magazines

or periodicals devoted to a specific topic (guns, homemakers, teenagers, crafts, travel, bridal, etc.) you will find ads which target that audience.

Pharmaceutical ads (now in print and on tv) are for the general public, most of whom do NOT have any expertise in either chemistry or medicine. This is something recent in American culture. Further, a doctor's prescription is required for those drugs. Why does that industry feel it has to sell it's products to the public, as opposed to the prescribers? Seems to me something else (besides just the kickbacks to the prescribers and legislators) is going on in BigPharma.

Now lawyers are buying ad time on tv, too, Notice how many times they are advertising suits against drug companies for bad medicines? Attorneys don't waste time with pharmaceutical injury suits they can't win.

FYI I stopped taking all prescription meds a few years ago and only take an antibiotic when herbs don't fight the infection (3 times in the past 7 years). I have never felt better in my arthritic, allergy ridden, acid refluxing, body in my life!

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