Comment: I've disagreed with you

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I've disagreed with you

I've disagreed with you Vince, hell just yesterday I did. And I know get foul mouthed but that's just how I am. I am happy to have everyone here, people like you and people like myself. I'll always hang out here because I know that we can argue one day and the next be in total agreement because deep down we all want the same thing. Justice, freedom and peace.

We might have different views on how to get there and we might have different methods (mine usually involves lots of red letters) but we all know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to our current situation. To me that is the most important. I come here for news. I come here for views. And no matter what I think about something, the DailyPaul makes me do some kind of research almost every day. That's important. It's important for all of us. It pushes us to find truth and what is right and just.

That's what I think. So, yes we might disagree a lot. But those disagreements make us stronger in my opinion. This site can never sell out because we make it what it is.