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You're a good guy. I like you. You've got a lot of passion. How old are you - mid-twenties or so? I like that energy. You've got energy.

I understand what you're saying perfectly. I don't want to see this place turn into another facebook, either. I hate facebook. And this is also what I've noticed: Ads are getting so fucking aggressive everywhere now. Every time you go to YouTube you have to watch an ad now. Some of them you can't even skip after 5 seconds. It sucks.

And all these other sites with popups, and pop-unders. And bullshit non-related sexy ads to draw traffic in that direction. And the tits. All the movie stars and hot dresses - gotta keep people on the site! Go look at the Huffington Post, or the Daily Mail. "Tits. We've got 'em. Keep clicking. Never leave. Go into a zombified state of clicking. We like it."

If this site is to expand, it needs to make more money. I can't run this whole thing myself. That is ridiculous. Does Arrianna Huffington run the Huff Post all by herself, with a few technicians? No.

To that end, the Daily Paul needs a greater income, to hire people, to grow. We're back to subsistence mode.

Just sayin... I like it here... and I think we got a good thing going. I want to spit shake with you and all the other REAL libertarians here who are finally happy to have a MAIN STREAM PLATFORM to pitch our views to the world and widen the dialog 100x more than the general population has ever been exposed to since the day they were born.

Not to pop your bubble or anything, but Daily Paul is far from mainstream.

It is a voice. A loud voice that people check on - make no mistake. Do you know why the Sandy Hook stuff didn't hurt? Because there was nothing else going on. If there were any real news, the conspiracy wouldn't have flourished. The community goes through episodes like that. They are like viruses. It is just part of the nature of the community.

We bring truth - in whatever way we stumble on through to it.

I do believe that is true. Even the conspiracy stuff is a path leading to truth, even if that particular stop doesn't yield ultimate truth.

911 Truth was a HUGE step in that direction for me. I guess that is why I don't mind "conspiracies." I trust in people to be able to discern the truth.

There are conspiracies, and there are events that are not conspiracies. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. UFO's and abductions? I never got too much into that one. But whatever you do, chace conspiracies down rabbit holes and whatever you find at the bottom, ultimately, that is one of life's lessons. And you never know how those lessons turn out. Just do what you think you should do.

We eventually bring truth. So I for one have your back as we take this place to go head-to-head with the likes of Fox-News, CNN, MSNBC etc etc... and the rest of the dinosaurs.

I agree. With your first sentence. With your second, I call bullshit, because that doesn't just happen. You have to have a plan to make that happen. Those guys don't just call you up.

What is your plan to make that happen?

There's a new sheriff of news in town. That's the Daily Paul.

I like that vision. I'd like to go kick some ass.