Comment: Did you not read what I wrote

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Did you not read what I wrote

Did you not read what I wrote about that pilot video? Instead of telling me that my "heart is hard" or some other patronizing mumbo jumbo, why don't you read what I said concearning that video, and tell me how im wrong. Please tell me how training and learning to trust in your instruments is an alogory for blind-faith in things you have no good reason to believe in and prooves the existance of god?

If I give you a two hour video on evolution, and you come back telling me that it didn't even come close to convincing you, does that mean you have a "hard heart?" I don't have a heard heart, I have a brain. My brain requires evidence before I buy into life-changing theories that claim amazing and unbelievable things to be true. Im asking you to provide one. You came up with a video showing me that pilots have to train in order to gain trust in their instruments so they can fly without their eyes. Clearly, it wasn't what I (or any other reasoning person) would consider to be proof.

Last: What does my heart have to do with it? I use my brain for these sorts of things. If you're used to using your heart to find "proof" maybe thats where you're going wrong? Try using the organ that thinks.

That video I posted was blocked? You don't get out that easy. Turn down your parental controls, or go to youtube and type in: "Why doesn't god heal amputies?"