Comment: I am skeptical of skeptics

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I am skeptical of skeptics

Always demanding proof, and when proof is supplied, dismissing it based on "Logic" Using Occam's razor when convenient, yet summarily discarding it when it casts doubt.

Conspiracy Theories
Let's take the argument against conspiracies in general. The most common argument against any conspiracy is "It would be impossible for that many people to keep it a secret without it coming out"

Yet there have been many true conspiracies involving hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years. A couple of examples would be Hitler's 'Beer Hall Putsch', and Watergate. So that old tired argument is absolute rubbish, yet you hear it again and again.

Crop Circles
The common answer from skeptics across the world, including National Geographic I might add, state that crop circles are nothing more than a conspiracy of drunken/bored farmers. Yes, the very same skeptics who deride conspiracy theories actually claim the crop circles are explained by a conspiracy of drunk farmers making crop circles at night evidently over the past 200 years! (That is how long the phenomenon has been documented I believe)

Sea Monkey Theory
This cute little theory explains that a certain species of monkey emigrated from Africa to South America but at a time when the continents were not landlocked nor close together. So the Scientific Consensus is that the monkeys sailed to South America on rafts! (I only wish I was joking) Yet Thor Hyerdaal (sp?) was ridiculed for years for theorizing that Vikings could have visited North America. Most scientists still ridicule the idea that Egyptians, Phoenicians or Chinese ancient civilizations could have possibly visited the Americas as well.

So, they claim monkeys can do it, yet man could not. The logic of the scientific community and their scientific consensus is utter crap.

Logic has to actually be based on reason, far too often what is called logic is merely assumption, or on a faulty interpretation of facts.

I could go on and provide you with endless examples, but hopefully you get the point. Keep in mind, negative skepticism will generate a negative reaction. The majority of people just "believe" conspiracy theories. If you are attacking their pet theory, they will react as though you are attacking them. Apply some psychology and communicate carefully and clearly when you are dealing with conspiracy theorists.

I hope this will improve your skeptical mind! Positive discourse is always welcome at least to my own eye in any environ. Thanks for posting your thoughts!