Comment: In this trend of ideas...

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In this trend of ideas...

I've been suspecting for a while now (and yes, maybe just daydreaming), that, in this trend of ideas, it wouldn't even take that many Americans to send a strong signal... with some effect on Main Scam Medias' attention.

I've posted about this a couple times.

Here was the last:

Really. I've thought about it quite often. Just as others did before me.

Really not that many people could shake things up with enough synchronicity in their action. I'm as tired as everybody with all these PTB-engineered a-la-Kony 2012 PSY-OPS...

... but THAT (above)... coming from the real, voluntary, productive, self-reliant people who care, would likely make the apathetic people (public and businesses) raise eyebrows (and more...), I believe.

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