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what are you, CRAZY?

Call me a lunatic, call me a sellout, call me a capitalitst, call me whatever you like...I would sell it for a Billion dollars IN A MINUTE!

Then, if I were Michael, I would create a new website where we would all REGROUP. And, guess what, the new daily liberty site would be where I would go to converse with you all.

After just writing that above I thought to myself...hmmmmm, do I really want to do that?

What a tough decision. Then, I thought, what if MN gave all his subscribers and monetary supporters a little kickback? Lol...just joking Michael!

Bottom line...necessity created the DP. Hell, I've got my own fun little website called!

We would follow MN forward to another site but here is the downside...150,000 visitors a day is VERY HARD to build up and, I think, is REALLY putting a HURTING on the propaganda machines.

That being said, greed BE DAMNED! Lets fight for LIBERTY and make our stand here.

But, if we decide that then everybody here needs to quit PUSSYfooting around and help manystrom support this site!

Put your money where your mouth is and CHIP IN to preserve this site and your LIBERTY!

What if we, everybody here, put one dollar in for one hard is that? One dollar from everyone one day. Problem solved. Lets have a super Sunday, a SUPERweekend for a super site.

What say you all?

Or else, que sera sera.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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