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Actually not

That is a Google/Amazon thing they've got going. They're cutting me out of the loop on that, lol. Fuckers.

I've seen the same thing happen to me: I look something up, on Amazon, or even some random e-commerce site. And then I buy it. And then, these Google ads start chasing me all over the web, not knowing that I've already bought. LOL! This seems like a new revenue stream for Amazon: What customers have bought.

Uggh. How else does Amazon keep its prices so low? Is there an information component going along? Of course there is. Amazon is something of a social network, with all the reviews.

But anyway. The way the DP gets credit is if you click on the Amazon Link in the blue Menu Bar above, or -- hey, you're right - I should make it easier. I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Thank you for asking. Jesus. That is what your user name reminds me of. A Jumping Jesus