Comment: It's true the evidence is still coming in

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It's true the evidence is still coming in

Here's what's out there so far:

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Although the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting is being used to push through a new round of gun control, it is telling that no public inquest is being demanded or encouraged to make sure what we have been told about the shooting is true. Up in the air are the numbers of shots fired, the number of shooters or accomplices present, and the type of weapons actually used. All of this is easily discoverable with gun ballistic testing, fingerprints on the weapons and other data.

Strangely there is a virtual black hole developing around the evidence, and much of that is because the supposed perpetrator is dead so there is no trial. You can see why it is so important for the planners of such events that the perpetrator kill himself (or be “suicided” by his accomplice) so that there is no need for public presentation of evidence linking the “lone perpetrator” to the crime.

Police say Lanza killed his mother before going to the elementary school. How do we know this? Where is the ballistic evidence and the trace of the firearm to Lanza via fingerprints, etc.?

Did Lanza actually shoot the kids with a semi-auto pistol or a rifle? Where are the bullets from the corpses, and which weapons do they match? All this is basic police investigation 101, and yet nothing is forthcoming!

There have been at least six weapons found associated with this crime, four of which are long guns—and that’s too many for one lone shooter to be toting around for use.

There are credible reports and police recordings indicating the arrest and detainment of at least 3 other individuals. Who are they, where are they, and what is their status? Silence, and no one in the mainstream press is demanding answers. Who put out the word to not press for answers?

It is also telling that according to Reuters, “Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Newtown, Connecticut, on Thursday [last] to meet law enforcement officials and investigators who are examining the school massacre there, a Justice Department official said.” Now, why would an Attorney General from the US come to brief police first responders? Is he doing grief counseling? Hardly. He never showed up to brief any police at any other shooting sites.

I strongly suspect he was there to quell a major case of rebellion among state police as their leaders pressure them to remain silent about the anomalies they observed relative to the other shooters involved and the official story about an assault weapon being the weapon of choice. CT state police probably needed some heavy artillery to come down to meet with officers and warn them about “state secrets” and “national security.” Hopefully, someday one of those cops will talk.

It is also interesting to note that while the media is all too anxious to use the Sandy Hook shooting to beat the drums of gun control, they completely ignored another major example of a potential mass shooting in a theater in San Antonio, Texas that was stopped by an off duty, but armed, policeman. The national media ignored this story, even though the shooting occurred just two days after the Newtown shooting.

As the New American magazine said, “If the media were honestly looking for solutions to gun violence, they should have jumped on the San Antonio incident to show the difference a good person with a gun can make. But they didn't, apparently because it does not fit the narrative that the mainstream media promote - that is, that guns cause violence rather than prevent it.” ...



While the manufactured crime at Newtown, CT gave the anti-gun media the rallying cry they have been looking for, it is far less clear how many voters have been swayed into thinking that gun control is the answer to wanton massacres. What we can say for sure is that the nation is much more polarized than before and will get even more so as this debate progresses.

Fortunately on the propaganda front, the more time Congress is delayed in taking up gun control, the less the Sandy Hook shooting becomes a burning issue. But this establishment is going to milk it for all it’s worth. As the Washington Post gleefully noted, “While groups such as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence have long lobbied for stricter gun laws, last month's massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., has spurred many progressive organizations, millionaire donors and other activists to begin focusing on the issue.”

The federal government has also mounted a full-court press on local and state police in Connecticut to keep any officers from talking about the massive evidence that indicates multiple attackers and the use of 9mm pistols rather than an assault weapon. An ongoing coverup is in full swing ever since Attorney General Eric Holder came to visit and threatened to use “national security” powers to ensure silence against any whistleblower or leak. I can’t prove that is what he said there, but the combination of absolute silence surrounding the visit and the blackout on any ballistic evidence supporting the official story is extremely suspicious.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the media to spend so much time hyping the Sandy Hook massacre while sustaining the blackout of evidence that either proves or disproves the official story. There is no call from the media demanding to view the security videos from inside the school. No one is calling for any investigation whatsoever and there will be no trial because of the presumed “suicide of the lone shooter”. Neither the lone shooter nor the suicide aspects of this story are probably true. Without a trial, the authorities don’t have to present any evidence of any claims previously made. How convenient. There is no other way to explain the absolute, across-the-board refusal to cover these issues – it is a conspiracy of silence by the media.