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LOL, well glad I could help.

LOL, well glad I could help. Yeah, if I see things I have been looking up and planning on buying that are on your adds on this site I'll definitely click and buy from here. Also, I'm not sure how proficient you are with iphone or droid programming but shit, make a DailyPaul app. Even if you have to get someone to help you program it and give them half the profits. Add a few extras to the app that you can't get on the site. Like perhaps some sort of poll type thing or whatever. I'd pay a buck for a DailyPaul app as I'm sure many of us would. That could get you tons of money. And i mean tons. Just think if only half the people that come here every day or ome of those that came once a month bought a $1 app. It could be significant. So, expand and do what you have to do, Bro. I'm behind you 100%.