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One at a time man!

43 yes I do, but I think it's a necessity we get past this bump in the road. Just throwing this out there... what do you think of a "liberty network investment" program where we get 20%/mo for every member we bring it... one tier. If they are a TOOL and wind up getting banned that's on us. I'm trying to drag a few people with some really good information in here but it's like pulling teeth. We have a real chance to open some eyes. Might as well make our stand here and give it all we got.

For money... I've got a "newsflashnetwork" idea where for example: These post topics would circulate over hundreds of independent media websites in a sort of "rss feed" and a simple page where you can either put your topic/summary in and send it out to the network. Dp could have an auto insert and your posts would all go thru it for free.

Benefits of being on that network obviously would be huge. Say we get 1000 websites - a member can sign up out of the blue with his camera and get interviews and be making an income. Quit his crappy job at walmart and he joins cop-block and has his stories out to thousands within a week of joining and spreading his information.

$10/mo - $7 for each member you sign up to the NFN per/month.

For $10/mo all your advertising costs are covered and so is your revenue. Now you just get out there and kick arse and bring in the news.

Now that's income without advertising. This is connecting all independent media - while financing it.. and bringing new activists into media.

Not to pop your bubble or anything, but Daily Paul is far from mainstream.

I respectfully disagree. You gotta think something before you can actually make it happen. If those of us here would seek to bring in perhaps a dozen more serious law researchers we could lower the BAR to a whole new level. I for one like the features here and for example... starting a draft and modifying it until it eventually spits out smooth...

Just do what you think you should do.

Damn straight... and look at Ben Swann... all he did was stand up and tell the truth from a local TV station now he's already national news. Someone was talking about us getting a mention on Jay Leno too? I didn't source that information I just saw the topic dunno if it's confirmed...

Truth is at a premium. I think it might be worth more than gold or silver ;-)