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Comment: You need a flagship.

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You need a flagship.

That's going to be honest and true. Then you branch off of that and strengthen the rest of the movement... we have to face it for the time being the majority needs leadership... until they can become leaders on their own.

No offense to anyone else who may consider themselves the "tip of the spear," but I trust the tip to be right here at my fingertips. The access to the world through the Daily Paul to the average man/woman is pretty awesome at the current time... and could go parabolic with my newsflash network as I mentioned below.

We need satellite sites who would want to get involved. There would be 25-50 in the initial launch. First come first serve if you're interested anyone coming through Daily Paul I could set up a link until launch time (would take me about a month of straight coding to code up the widgit).

My network's benefits would be $3 per member. That would pay to keep me on it coding and other efforts I have in mind. $7 per month per member who joins the network and adds their blog to the site.

If I could gather the interest I could have it ready in 60 days. If you have a blog/site or anything you want to get exposure for send me a PM and I can add your site to the list... in order of course.

Another thing... I would want it moderated so that there is no advertising in the news. There's no need for it if you're already making $7/mo per signup. If we can squeeze the need for advertising out of our news that keeps the news independent.

So would need to initially do the moderation myself until I have enough to hire a couple people full time.