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I agree too

9/11 was a big deal for me. I never understood why we never saw any video of the plane hitting the pentagon. I do not know if it was a conspiracy or not.. but that little fact is what bothered me the most about 9/11. The most protected air space in the entire world and not only was it breached, but there was no real footage of a plane?? Thats a little hard to believe.

That being said.. The mob rule can be overwhelming. I flat out love this website but the conspiracy stuff can make me pretty frustrated. We can be a loud voice, but screaming about conspiracy doesn't help us much. I write this from being here nearly 6 years and the experiences I have had sending people to DP. Some have been pretty freaked out over some of the posts.

Hopefully we can find some middle ground. DP is a wonderful tool to enlighten. My fear is that we may be pigeonholed and ignored for our beliefs. Its a double edged blade, so to speak. We ALL want the truth but how do we maintain an open door to those not on our level without scaring them off?

Just my 2c. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul