Comment: I sat next to an editor on a trip from Germany to DC one..

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I sat next to an editor on a trip from Germany to DC one..

I sat next to a Middle East editor on a trip from Germany to DC one year. Turns out she runs some arab media outlet in the Middle East.

I asked her "Why aren't you over there running your business?"

Turns out the trip to Washington, DC was what FUNDED her business. She had to come to DC frequently to BEG for money from the US Government. Without that money she would not be in business or have a business.

Let me make something clear... The US Government has numerous ways that they FUND US media companies too... public service ad revenue, FCC airwave protectionist racket, direct grants and a whole host of other specific programs from countless internal agency interests.

These funding sources are not made available to a free organization like the DailyPaul. But they are available to help the finance the needs of the DailyCaller.

This is what we are up against, and I haven't even begun to talk about the global corporate interests that lobby Washington and run the "mainstream media".

We are on our own until such time that the global corporate loyalists including Piers Morgan are pushed back into Canada running from the tar and feathers and nooses.