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I'm aware of the christian extremists,

but you were writing about them, not me. ...but then you're starting to get what I'm talking about, the fundamental evil-world-evil-self christian outlook. God is good. I am not just bad, but impossibly incompetent. O, supreme leader, help my poor soul find its way. I was so glad to get away from that. I have never met a christian who really believed in the golden rule, though it is theoretically possible that they exist.

I was not born into a fallen world. I am a product of my parents by no choice of my own, who were the products of theirs. I come from a long line of animals that all survived to propogate when others did not. So do we all. I attempt to do the most good I can in the world and the least harm. I am in my own right worthy of love, just as I am, whether or not I obey commands. So are you. No part of me requires whispered apology or divine forgiveness. My wrongs are amended with the injured, or not at all. As my toughest critic, I am ultimately responsible to myself for my actions. I can not make any mistake worthy of eternal damnation any more than my successes can make me a god. I am but a man. I hope to be glad of what I have given to the world when I die. When I love my fellow humans as I love myself, it means something.

This small blue dot is a beautiful world, full of beautiful people and stunning variety, worthy of love just as it is/they are. Religions that would convince people otherwise only prove themselves (to me) to be what some people might call "chain reactions of evil." "Some day" never comes. The time to love is now.