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Oh I know we're winning.

But it's one thing to "command" the respect of msm outlets, because of "fear" that without the Liberty faction, the GOP (as well as their viewership) is lost. And it's completely something else to blindly believe that some of these MSM puppets have suddenly seen the light, woken up, and have come on over to the Libertarian side. For the most part, all they're doing is jumping on the liberty bandwagon because both the GOP and the MSM ratings are sinking. They had bet everything on Romney, and NOW it hit them and they realize that they NEED the growing libertarians/NEW Republicans as opposed to the old/dying GOP.

So yes, while I recognize that we are winning, I won't be turning a blind eye and my back to the sell-out prestitutes. As I said before, they've got a lot of proving to do. Time will tell if they eventually walk the talk.