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When we first woke up

we set up a mobile "emergency room." My husband, my son and I all have medical training. Silly us, we thought having people ready to respond on a moment's notice to tend wounded people was a good idea. We all had EMT training, my husband was a paramedic for years and now is an RN. I worked surgery, I can stitch folks up. We tried to get others to focus on whatever they could do, and start an emergency ready network. No interest. My point? A tunnel to where?
I am going to use my shovel to dig my garden. like every year. There is really no point in me "preparing" to defend myself against goons. I will continue to prepare myself against famine, biological warfare, toxic food and water... I'll fight the fight I have a chance of surviving. When it goes to guns, I am willing to try to survive but have no delusions about the outcome.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.