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Comment: The stage is still being set.

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The stage is still being set.

We may be thinking about this all wrong. There are many benefits that TPTB can get out of this. In fact, they may not even know which benefit they want to cash in on until they see how the public reacts to the event.

-What if they are widening the divide between truth seekers and sheeple with this event only to pull off an even larger scale event in the near future. People so put off by the supposed "disrespectful to children" theories won't even attempt to listen to questions about the next event. We have established in party politics that divide and conquer is very effective.

-We've talked about the disarming of the public through indirect measures as well. Perhaps the response the public gave let them know that this is how they are going to have to go about it. They will play the mental health and organization affiliation cards to take weapons away from people over time, out of public scrutiny.

I can go on but you get the idea. Counter intelligence and disinformation are amazing to watch in action. This isn't their first rodeo. I will also throw out there that this could very well just be a politically manipulated story based on a true tragedy. They are just taking their time in releasing everything to cover all the angles in the story. This may not be as bad as planning & operating the actual shooting but it's still diabolical.

The greatest chess players make their moves thinking of many possible outcomes that will benefit them. If they make moves only thinking about one specific beneficial result they will most likely be disappointed when their opponent does not do exactly every counter move they anticipate.

This whole thing is very fluid. Keep that in mind.

Interesting times we live in.