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Maybe you should check out QuackWatch

The site isn't perfect, and I disagree with Stephen Barrett about the ethics of water fluoridation and a few other things here and there, but it is a good place to start.

If you think Natural News is a legitimate source of medical information, you are a very confused human being. Mike Adams is a charlatan who has no regard for science, evidence, or logic. There is a huge sect of people who don't trust the government or corporations (I am one of them), but unfortunately Mike Adams is taking advantage of them and selling them snake oil and making up anything he wants to push his "natural" lifestyle. It might sound plausible to some people, but snake oil is very appealing to people who want something to believe in and don't have a strong enough understanding of science to refute it. Some of his anti-science rants would be comical if so many people didn't take him seriously.

Also, millions of healthy teeth were extracted because of Weston Price and most of his theories were debunked decades ago.