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Catastrophic Coverage as Interim Measure

Accidental traumas account for about 2% of total health care expenditures (1) so it's not where most of the insurance money is going. The vast majority of health insurance expenditures go for care of issues where there is more opportunity to examine your diagnostic and treatment choices. Conditions like heart disease, mental disorders, pulmonary issues and cancer, are the big 4 health care expenditures, conservatively accounting for 26% of all health care expenditures. These are also areas where treatment successes are quite a bit higher outside of the pharma dominated health insurance system.

Still, you bring up a good point. For those who are concerned about accidental traumas and their personal ability to deal with their health in the middle of a crisis, there is an incremental step that can be taken in withdrawing from the health insurance system. Get catastrophic health insurance as you wean yourself off of regular insurance. This way, true emergencies and other relatively rare, but catastrophic issues can be covered.

1 - For May 17 Money Bomb!