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Well then...

...I can only suggest that you try to set aside your fears and that you also, for God's sake, stand aside IF that dread-day ever comes.

For on that day, which I fervently pray can be peacefully avoided, there will be men, who will with grim resolve step up and shoulder what is necessary, despite your doubts and fears that they will not.

Frankly, I am a bit puke-sick of your regular attempts to draw people such as Oath Keepers and others out into what seems like your desire for them to make some sort of revolutionary or violent declaration in defense of you.

Also, rallying and 'message-driven' songs, such as the one by Jordan Page, are a critical part of a process of emboldening and stoking the passions of patriots, equating to the pamphleteers during the time of our founding.

Just so you know.