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I get what you are saying,

I get what you are saying, and maybe my answers cryptically answer what you are saying in its own way.

As an aside, i'm pretty sure Jordan Page sucks as a musician so i'm not going to listen to it. Art sometimes coincides of with something politically intense, but on the whole, most of Music and Mediums of Art are debased by lousy music for a good cause. Embolden yourself with good music instead. there is a lot of good music that i've never heard before, but i think jordan page sucks as a musician, and i've never heard of him. it's just those people, at that time, at that event, and you know the music can't be that good. i want to go crawl in a hole and i think to myself. No intentional offense.

But as i was saying. I see you are trying to say, "What about the goodness of civilization and friendship and learning these great things and imparting them to one another?" - When right now, it's just everyone to himself, disconnected, and into base-survival mode.

Well, maybe they will be a bit more keen on the tunnels, and you can build them and connect them together. And while you are down there in the tunnels you can tell them about medicine and field surgery. You can have a hospital that Ron Paul will officially certify.

I myself, knew there were 2 needles for accidents, to numb and to do something else. i don't know what those two drugs are, or what the class is called. But you need those two different drugs in the needles to administer to someone when he gets into an accident.