Comment: Which "Conspiracy Theories"

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Which "Conspiracy Theories"

Is it that you question? That building 7 was blown up and didn't burn down? That the FED is a bankster run mafia organization? That Obama is wanting to destroy the country? That the attack on the Liberty was a false flag? Which ones? What bothers me is that those of us here that have done a lot of research and read a lot of books are attacked and called "kooks" and "conspiracy nuts" and other such names by all you "superior minded" ones. At least that's how you come across to us. It's the air of superiority that irks us into attacking back. Or at least that's how it affects me. Remember how "they" always attacked Ron Paul and called HIM those names and acted so superior to him? I for one am still sensitive to that I guess because it used to drive me nuts when Ron would be speaking the truth which was so "out there" that everyone would roll their eyes and call him crazy. BUT IT WAS ALL TRUE! All you had to do to find out was check out the things he was saying.