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I respectfully disagree with that statement.

Many who worked to get a "vote" for Ron Paul, as soon as that vote was cast by a Republican or Democrat, they returned to their previous mindset.

However, the people that I convinced of the principles and ideals, and to which the "vote" was a secondary issue, remain committed to the principles and ideals.

I believe the changes that I have caused to be more valuable in the end.

After the votes are cast, and the elections held, the wars continue, the theft continues, and those votes had no real impact one way or the other.

But the people that were -taught-, the people that were turned into believers remain.

So which is more productive? Fighting for a vote at all costs by saying what people want to hear(Rand, even if his actions were good), or educating people (Ron) who's actions align with his speech and therefore educates.

Once again, I argue that Ron, that education is far more valuable a change within society.

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