Comment: I do this with my kids

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I do this with my kids

They are not yet in High School but this is how we supplement.

For my son in grade-school, I supplement math and reading, vocabulary, grammar, root words and prefixes/suffixes. Using varrious websites. My son doesn't have a lot of homework and isn't being taught properly. Grade schools in general barely scratch the surface on what kids need to know. For history we just read extra on what ever they are currently studying and I talk to him from a liberty perspective. For science, we do that at home with science kits. Building and construction is also important for spacial awareness and visualizing.

For my daughter in Jr. High, I only have to guide. She is in Honors Geometry, Honors English and Honors Reading. How we suppliment her, is any science project, history or writing project we have her pick a subject that will help her fill in the gaps that isn't being covered.

Like for instance teacher assigns:
- biography = paper on Ron Paul's life
- science fair = hydroponics
- essay on Boston massacre = Fault lies with British because of intolerable acts
- essay on UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights =
write about natural rights, the constitution, the jurisdiction of the UN and the holes in he UN document that the US constitution does a better job with.

There is always a learning opportunity from film editing and contructing commercials to learning basic electronics and marketing products. We've done time-lapse science fair projects.

Point is we just take every assignment to the next level allowing them to learn twice as much.

I don't have a child in High School but I fully intend to continue with doing this same strategy. Every project and every assignment will be used to the best advantage of my kids getting all they can out of school.

So for learning about Tesla? I'd have him do his next project on it that can fit that category. Either in English research, History paper, or science project or recreating a Tesla coil or something can be done for him to incorporate this into his school life.

He can also simply get a good book about Tesla and use that for his recreational reading.

Hope that helps. It works for us