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I was just pointing out an

I was just pointing out an amusing fact. I personally don't think insurance would play all that big of a part in an anarchist society; with the exception of life insurance, home insurance, and catastrophic health insurance. Other than those -which existed outside of government involvement- I really don't think people are going to be running around with all that much insurance, because I don't think insurance would be needed. Insurance in the everyday use of healthcare has worked in the same way as government has, which has everybody paying higher prices for everything.

Also, Robert Murphy -in the first edition of Chaos Theory- came pretty close to demanding everybody to have insurance. He went to the point of saying that people shouldn't deal in any way with someone who doesn't have insurance; now that sounds like a very liberty minded individual. If nobody would deal with someobody just because they didn't have insurance, then wouldn't that 'force' that individual to purchase insurance? Isn't that the same thing which everybody is complaining about with ObabmCare; the use of force to have somebody purchase something that they would rather not purchase? If one suggests that the flipside for the individual -to never deal with any other person ever- is a choice, then I would suggest that going to prison because one doesn't pay taxes is also a choice and therefore taxes are voluntary.

Force doesn't always represent physical force; it could just mean that the consequences are so undesirable that doing whatever it is just so happens to be more desireable, then not doing what one doesn't want to do.