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Comment: Falsehood runs deep.

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Falsehood runs deep.

Failure to learn from fatal errors made by dead people can be illustrated with a scenario taught to new students of emergency medical care.

Past oriented = fatal errors known to be fatal errors

Future oriented = fatal errors will continue so know better about them

A person arrives on the scene and a person is visible at the scene as a victim of some injury, the victim is not moving in the distance ahead.

Move to a future place where the injured person is, do so quickly, the injured person appears to be dead from a distance away from the victim.

Learn from the past, look around, take in the scene, there can be hazards that exist in that future place whereby you will be the next victim, and call for help now, while you have the chance to do so, as you appraise the situation before jerking your knee, leaping into an obviously dangerous future place.

Moving onto the concept of "Anti-Federalists".

You, reader, aught to read some.

The country America started as a defensive action to preserve a working Democratic Federated Republican Voluntary Government in 13 States that were claimed as property by criminals in England.

OK, so you don't use English words like I do, granted.

There is this document called The Declaration of Independence.

The free people who volunteered to leave England, going to America, declared that it was their duty to stand their ground against criminals running governments.

No matter which English words used, that is the lesson offered.

Stand your ground against criminals taking over government.

That is how Democratic Federated Republicans, of the day, thought and acted.

They were called by many names:

1. Rebels
2. Rabble
3. Insurgents
4. Patriots
5. Free people
6. Liberated people
7. Commoners
8. Common Law people
9. Democratic Republicans
10. The angry Mob
11. Secessionists
12. Friends of Liberty

If a Tory or Loyalist spoke of the free people they used a set of words that made a claim upon the people who set themselves free, as if saying "You, yes you, you belong to me, and my army, so you may think that you can run away, slave, but this word I'm using can let everyone know that you belong to me and my army, because I say so, and you are not allowed to question that fact, Rebel, Insurgent, slave, etc."

Left out of the list above is the word Federalist.

The information you aught to know, all you people standing on the edge of the new future situation ahead, is that Federalist was a name stolen by Nationalists, it is a False Front.

Federalist is a false front name.

So the warning offered by the past is to warn the people on the edge of a new future, to say to those people, look around, and look for false front names, like Federalist, because there are criminals hiding behind those false fronts, and they are ready to claim you as their property.

If you begin to resist the criminals who call themselves Federalists, as has happened in history, what do you think you will be called when you begin to resist the criminals who are hiding behind the false front called Federalist?

You will be called Anti-Federalist.

You can protest the name, and you can say that you are not against Federalism, but that does not matter to liars, criminals, and those who work to own you.

You, according to those who work to own you, must obey without question, and here, they say, is your name, or your number, or whatever those who work to own you tattoo on your forehead figurative or literally.

As people stand on the edge of the new future on Earth, here in America, it also aught to be understood that the real POWER of criminal government is gained when those who work to own you convince you that you are one of them.

You are already dead, in that case, but you have no way of knowing that fact, since your freedom has been stolen between your ears.

Good luck with that fools.