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I liked the song but I'm that kinda woman I guess, whatever that might be.. I'm a work in progress rawwwwwwwrrrrr

The ideas of digging trenches etc takes me back.. When we were kids we dug a really huge pit at the top of the property and a smaller hole with a short tunnel connecting them. Then we put big boards across it and pieces of ply wood and old carpet and we covered all that with a thick layer of soil that grew so you would never know anything was there. We also added a little fire pit with a length of pipe that reached the top and we had pipes in several place as air holes.. I don't remember how or even if we camo'd the entrance

I vaguely remember my dad making us use it as a burn pit when we lost interest in it at some point but I'd have to did to make sure.. I wonder if my little tractor has a back hoe attachment?

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