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LMAO!!!! Protecting

LMAO!!!! Protecting individual freedom starts with forming a collective? Please look up the word "antonym" in your dictionary.

Anarchists have no desire to simply change the name of gov't to "goon squad".

We want to end the institution of monopolized coercion and violence.

Jebus Crikey, Your whole argument is,"if we dismantle the gov't, it'll just change it's name to something derogatory and create itself again, and my team might lose the election."

Do you really think relabeling a group of thugs as "gov't" will somehow magically make them beneficial?

Alas, gov't NOTHING MORE than a gang that you trust unconditionally, because you can't possibly be satisfied with the results of gov't. Gov't operate at a LOSS, proving that they obviously DECREASE satisfaction of life .

... And, no, I don't need to give another man a badge to defend my liberty. I will defend my neighbor's liberty with as much enthusiasm and honor as the military defends the oil.

It's the AGGRESSION that anarchists have problem with, and do not want to support. Defense of our freedoms is not an issue.

You are a Judas Goat, FreedomsReigning. You aren't protecting freedom, because you don't know what threatens it. FEAR of your neighbor is the enemy of freedom. Fear the guy who strips your freedom for the sake of security, not your neighbor.

Your anti-freedom rants are nothing more than a circle jerk wherein you assume that anarchy would dismantle the gov't, change it's name to "thugs", "goons", "mafia", etc., and re-establish it.

That's not anarchy at all. "An" means without, "archy" means ruler. Anarchy means, literally, a society without a ruler, one where everyone does what they think is best, one where the cooperative individuals prosper and the violent plunderers are severely limited in their scope and range.

This ain't Utopia, it's just better than a gang of violent aggressors with unlimited resources, or, as you call them, gov't.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."