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"OK and TX

will be united"
Reminds me of that old joke about why doesn't Texas ever fall into the Gulf of Mexico? Because Oklahoma sucks. (actually it's a beautiful state)

Even though OK and TX have been age old football rivals, in a serious event, I think we'd become allies . There is a lot of the same independent spirit in Oklahomans that exists in Texans.

We actually have family in OKC, so we'd have to have some sort of visitation rules for coming to Texas....8)

In the 80's there used to be a tongue in cheek group called
"The Great Wall of Texas Society."

Every member had their own brick with a engraved plate with a number on it. When the clarion call came, every member would gather on the NORTHERN border to build the wall. It basically cut off part of the panhandle, and annexed some of Southern Oklahoma. It was really just an excuse for people to get together in Dallas once a year and party.

That idea may have to be revisited at some point if things keep going the way they are.