Comment: No. I'm just a French immigrant to the USA.

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No. I'm just a French immigrant to the USA.

Francophile? Hmmm... Not as often as I could wish for, sadly.

France and the French aren't doing good. At all. My country has become more and more disappointing after De Gaulle, our last president who cared about us.

We have done all the mistakes happening now here in the USA two or three decades before. We are losing everything, our language, culture, and worse ... intelligence.

This is coming from the same breed of traitors and leeches.

This is why I stand here and now because I believe America knows better. This is still a young country here. But with rock solid foundations the people MUST DEMAND back.

I still love France, but I have made my choice who to defend and support against the collectivist lie and tyranny.

The young country. Here. Because youth is the future.

Has always been.


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