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The president...

does not choose who gets aid and in what amount. That is up to Congress.

It is a choice between continuing to spread the message of Liberty... or spreading lies to gain office. I choose to support spreading the message of Liberty and how it is important to have character and honesty and perseverance in the face of ridicule.

Ron's message of Liberty and austrian economics is taking root in South America and Eastern Europe. And they admire him for his character and his honesty.

Ron woke up millions for the first time and many of them gave him a chance because they could see his character. This is the path I choose to continue supporting. To continue growing the awakening. When enough have woken up then nothing will be able to stop us. Being dishonest will just make them not trust us and discourage them from having hope.

If Rand gets elected and the hearts of our fellow citizens haven't changed then it will mean nothing and nothing will change. I choose to speak the truth...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~