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Not "one thing" aye phony?

"he has the right to say whatever he wants"

And if he wants to run his Anarchist mouth, I get to speak too. I get to juxtapose the truth with his BS.

"you have spouted out your endless dribble,and not one thing to back it up"

Not one thing aye phony? Aren't you the guy who's trying the make the case that Sandy Hook didn't even happen? You are an embarrassment!!!

What was the "one thing" that I just pointed out, that one point you want to pretend wasn't there!? In that one point, you can see Anarchists for the phonies they are, WHY they are WORTHLESS to liberty; because justice is their enemy.

He wants to make sure that he never has to deal with any "involuntary interaction" with government. He wants a Constitutional Amendment that negates the Constitution and any form of law or justice. He wants to be "free" to do anything he wants to anybody he wants without anybody ever stopping him by imposing justice, by imposing involuntary interaction on his ass with more force than he can deal with.

Do you think a crook "consents" to being stopped by force?

Show me your great mind "Deacon". Run that Sandy Hook mouth of yours.

Speak! Stop about all the Sandy hook nonsense for a second, and try and make a sensible point you fraud. I'm listening.

PS He's an Anarchist and by definition anti-government, and by his post, you should be able to figure out why; he wants to live in a world without justice.