Comment: Snakepit22, I agree with you somewhat

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Snakepit22, I agree with you somewhat

But please realize some of us have legitimate concerns about government coverup at varying degrees. Or are you saying that we should simply accept everything government says at face value ?

No can't do sir. Especially when we already know they didn't care even if more than 50 thousand of our soldiers lives wasted in LIED upon Vietnam war and more than 5K died and maimed in LIED UPON Iraq war. And these were young american soldiers including teenagers who died in those LIED UPON wars. Or are you calling us "kooks" for not accepting government justification for those wars ?

Please understand our inability to put anything past these deceitful power brokers in this country.

Now regarding Sandy Hook.. it is entirely plausible that the Gubmint is lying about the actual weapon involved. But we shouldn't explore that ?