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thank you for your kind words

you speak nonsense so eloquently
yes i am one who thinks SH didn't happen,not in the way it has been reported
why would i have this stance? maybe it has everything to do
with the way it has been handled to this point in time
maybe it has been the lies spoken as if they are truth's
maybe it has something to do with them saying it happened at the school,when everyone was at the fire dpt(btw,they tried saying the FD was the school)
if you had any questions about my reasoning,you could have asked
you haven't even argued what anarchism means,nor how to talk to them
but where we differ is this,I know i don;t everything,but you think you do
a phony my eye,you couldn't even come up with something intelligent
to debunk me or vince up there,this is why you interjected
words used for debasing others,and their ideas

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)