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Comment: Hi snakepit...I totally agree

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Hi snakepit...I totally agree

Hi snakepit...I totally agree with you about liking DP for a place where our political beliefs make us feel among friends. I understand your other frustration but I tend to be skeptical of the government and their theories so I tend to give a lot of plausibility to alternative theories and then I look at whatever facts are put out there and try to make sense of things. I think that is all people with alternative theories expect individuals to do to consider all angles.

As a long term member I do absolutely believe there are trolls and disinfo people trolling sites like this. I never call anyone a troll though, I just try to avoid them. Some of them seem pretty obvious because they will post something but they do not have many of the ubiquitous parts of our belief systems nailed down. Even though they try to blend in and who knows what they are up to, I am not concerned with them because our people and our belief system here among DP people and our movement are rock solid and also so decentralized that they can't rattle us the way they are used to with the Ds and Rs.

My suggestion to you is, if you are really not a troll, then don't let all this bother you. Ignore the posts that aren't of interest to you and follow the posts that are. Just like when people were going overboard on the Gary Johnson thing...I just didn't click on those threads and only commented when I felt like engaging in that debate. If someone calls you a troll, just move on, no big deal.