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Comment: "I listen to AJ everyday [lol] Here's something years OLD"

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"I listen to AJ everyday [lol] Here's something years OLD"

Sorry this already came on the Daily Paul when it happened and in the full video Alex apologized live but the subversive elements refused to let it go.

The people who ran that bullhorn ARE anti-RON PAUL and were attacking RON as they had in the past. Alex Jones was invited personally by the protest organizer and had the guy on the show the next day saying AJ and him were cool. The old woman, can't remember her name, is the real turncoat.

AJ said that when you go to a protest everyone should have bullhorns and be targeting the people in the buildings otherwise you are just having an outdoor PTA meeting.

If Alex is a shill it's because in this day it's impossible to get significant reach without making some kind of deals with networks. Still when you look at what he says, he's been overall consistent but the guy is running a RADIO SHOW and he IS an entertainer and he will tell you that. He gets fired up because it gets people excited and wanting to tune in.

The people it turns off mostly listen to NPR or MSNBC and subscribe to being coddled by a world government and their daddy Obama.

Rush Limbaugh rants and raves, yelling about stupid stuff like welfare moms and sports teams and nobody says a thing. He has the biggest radio show, with about 14 million listeners.