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You rail about Alex being....

a bad leader. But... Alex is NOT your leader. He is not my leader. He is NOBODIES leader.

Alex has not attached himself to any group or organization. He REFUSES offers to lead. He has done so repeatedly and forcefully and rudely! I have heard him send off people begging for his leadership for this or that effort or project over and over and over and over again through the years.

He is just a guy with a radio show that presents mainstream news items and gives you what he repeatedly says is his own opinion and interpretation and then says to go research it yourself. He says is hope is that people will go out and talk to their neighbors, run for office, start their own media efforts, do their own projects.

The only people Alex has ever claimed to be a leader of is his own employees! Stop presenting him as a leader then crying out that he is a bad leader! He is NOT a leader! :p

Alex is a guy with radio show that he couches in the overdramatics of the Golden Age of radio where everything is over the top. The same creative root that gave us overdramatized radio ads for monster truck shows:

"Sunday! SUNday! SUNDAY! Monster trucks at the ThunderDome. Raaaahhhhh!!"

He tries to make it a little fun. Blending news with a bit tongue-in-cheek radio kitsch. He often does corny impersonations like his Brit accent he did with Piers. He said during the interview he was doing it dramatically for the effect and to grab attention. He has repeated that on other shows such as the Young Turks guy (can't remember his name right now).

Alex Jones is NOT a leader! He is a guy with a radio show! :p

He is NOT interfering with state's electing state-level politicians. There is ZERO connection between the two realms.

You said:

"claiming indirectly that he is the media voice for this movement".

Pssshhh!!! Alex has made no such claim. Alex watched Piers talk all over Larry Pratt and call him a "stupid man". Alex sat by and watched Wayne LaPierre just take it like a cheap hooker and say nothing. Alex got tired of the govt and mainstream media propaganda machine railroading every voice speaking up or the 2nd amendment. So, he got up and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Alex got the entire country's attention. He changed the conversation from "Oh, the poor children killed by EVIL GUNS" dominating any pro-2nd amendment objections to "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SERIOUS!". He out-Piers'ed Piers.

Outside of AJ's rant on Piers, Alex had made ZERO claims to be the voice of any movement! The thing he is claiming leadership over is the seemingly inept and inadequate response by gun rights groups to the Sandy Hook incident. Nothing more! He took the bull by the horns and changed its direction.

Since then he has hopped off the bull and returned to his role as just a guy with a radio show presenting news stories and giving his take on them and encouraging people to not just trust him but to go do your own research and start your own projects. :p

The MAIN MESSAGE I have gotten from Alex over the many years of listening to him is: Men! Stop watching football! Stop primping with fancy haircuts and clothes like girls! Be the warriors and watchmen for danger you are supposed to be! Care about things! Learn! Study! Protect your wife and childrens future! Learn history! Watch your govt! GO OUT AND DO REAL THINGS AND TAKE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS MEN SERIOUSLY!

That is Alex's MAIN MESSAGE! What is so wrong with that?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~