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"First, people need to STOP

"First, people need to STOP saying second amendment right, or constitutional right, because it implies that the constitution and its amendments gave you rights. It did NOT! It protects them. You have natural rights and they cannot be taken away. government is instituted to protect them. The sole purpose of government."

I take issue with this statement.

Fundamentally, you have no rights. The only "rights" you have are those that you can ensure that you get. Screaming about how you have property rights means nothing when a roving band of thugs is kicking you out of your house. But having a legal system in place that protects your rights secures you rights. You get to go to the legal system and get your house back. Ultimately, you have no rights if others do not recognize your rights or can take them away.

The Constitution is basically forcing everyone to agree to upholding certain rights, thereby giving everyone the security that certain things will be protected. Some might say that any constitution is merely enforcing a social contract, or recognizing "rights" that a certain society feels are important.

That being said, we should have the right to arm guns. Government should be able to protect all that has been promised to us (protection of our propery, etc.) without needing to take away our guns. Moreover, the whims of the majority (government) should not infringe on our rights.

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