Comment: In my view, in a perfect world.

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In my view, in a perfect world.

To be armed as an individual means any weapon that an individual can use. Yes, that means RPGs and No that doesn't mean nukes or tanks. Crew served weapons or weapon systems belong in an organized militia, which could conceivably be a group of neighbors that choose to organize depending on how the particular state laws apply, but in no way can a state deny the right to assemble for common defense.

I see over lapping rights, the right of self defense and property rights...

For example, in the perfect world that I see an individual could own a tank but could not say that it is for personal defense because realistically how could you be the gunner and the driver at the same time. The owner of the tank should be part of a militia, but should also not be forced to join simply because he owns a tank (property rights)