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Rand Paul...I don't find him

Rand Paul...I don't find him to be a smart man. It is like Sarah Palin made it through medical school.

His comments on global warming show such a lack of knowledge of science. Just like every politician. The proper way to deny climate change is by referring to facts, or the article that cite the facts, not stupid conspiracy theories about how it is a plot to end capitalism or how climate change can't be real "since it snowed it Kentucky yesterday".

His comments on gay marriage are so anti-liberty that it is disgusting. Who gives a shit what you think about gays?

His budget proposal had a mathematical error. This is your big budget, the big thing that you wanted to present everyone on how you are going to solve the problems in Washington, yet you have a 45 billion dollar calculation error (that, of course, works in your favor)! That is almost inexcusable. Shore up on your math, son.

His attacks on Keagan were despicable. Keagan never said that government could make you eat your vegetables; she said the exact opposite. Yet Rand, perhaps because of his own ineptitude or moral bankruptcy, simply lied about what Keagan said.

It goes on an on. Obamacare doesn't force doctors to take care of patients without healthcare; EMTALA does that. And calling it slavery? Is it slavery when government forces lawyers to give everyone counsel (with a wage, of course)? It is it slavery when governments FORCE fire-fighters and policemen to do their jobs? Ridiculous!

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: