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"'Fundamentally, you have no

"'Fundamentally, you have no rights.;" Completely disagree. Maybe we have two different definitions of 'rights.'"

It isn't that I think we SHOULD have rights. That there are some basic things we should grant everyone. Or, that there are some other non-basic things we should have because it is good for the economy/society/prosperity etc.

"Because someone wants to steal from you, doesn't negate you have the right to the property they are trying to steal."

It doesn't take away from the right that you think you have to that property, yes.

But unless you can get that property back (unless you have some kind of recourse to that property), what does your imagined right matter? It is the enforcement of that right that matters.

"'The Constitution is basically forcing everyone to agree to upholding certain rights'"

I take issue with that statement. It is instituting a body (Government) selected to protect those rights. "

And government forces everyone to agree to upholding certain rights, using the Constitution.

"But if you can define 'right' maybe we can agree more. To me a 'right' is necessity to living. A right to eat, a right to shelter, a right to defend against imposing forces"

I guess those are rights. You have a right to eat, provided you can earn food. You have a right to shelter, provided you can earn it. Etc. etc. I do think you have a right to defend yourself against imposing forces without legal ramifications/with legal protection from "blowback". However, I don't think that right is endless. For example, there is the example of a store owner that grabbed a shoplifter and tortured her instead of handing her over to the police. That crosses a line.

"In the wild YOU have to ensure that those rights are enforced. In a civilized society we hire people to do it for us."

Kind of my point. In any case, the enforcement and recognition of the rights is not itself a right.

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