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Not exactly. I don't want to

Not exactly.

I don't want to destroy government, I want to abolish the state. Government and state are two different things.

There will always be government, as the affairs of man will always need governed.

I only seek a government that cannot INITIATE the use of force.

Notice how I used the word initiate.

Self defense is different.

And as for this "free market of violence," you confuse me.

Anarcho-Capitalism rests upon the non-aggression principle.


He can defend himself, but you cannot start the fight.

That goes for government, security firms, and individuals.

I really don't understand who has been telling you all this violent anarchist rhetoric.

Every single anarchist I've ever met has been peaceful, everyone without exception.

Here's the deal, you can have your constitution, but first we strip it of the privilege to lay taxes and collect duties.

Is that an acceptable compromise?